Uniko Holding Brings Chinese Young Talents in Odense

Uniko Holding Brings Chinese Young Talents in Odense


250 Chinese students hosted by Danish families, participated in H.C. Andersen Festivals and joined Danish school classes last August


Odense, Denmark – 29 September, 2016 - Uniko ApS and Tourboks.com ApS, sister companies belonging to Uniko Holding, have partnered with Beijing HuamingWeiye International Culture Exchange Center (Beijing Academic Society of Education) to organize the visit of Chinese Young Talents to Denmark from the 14th until the 25th of August 2016.




Organized by Uniko & Tourboks, the Chinese Young Talent Program was led by Mr. Tao Xiping, Honorary President of the World UNESCO Clubs and Association. The purpose of the program was for talented Chinese youth to show their talents to the world as well as experience different cultures while visiting different countries. During their visit, the Chinese participants have experienced the H.C. Andersen Festivals, they were hosted by Danish families in Odense and they joined Danish school classes together with their student hosts.


There were in total 250 young talents in the event, along with officials from Beijing Academic Society of Education, Chinese Association of Non-Government Education and journalists from major Chinese media, CCTV and Jiangshu Broadcasting International. Uniko and Tourboks arranged the entire trip for all attendees. The youth gave 3 performances during the festivals, including Golden Sail Orchestral Concert, H.C. Andersen Fairy Tales Theatre Play and Chinese Calligraphy Exhibition to showcase Chinese culture and bring Asian colors to H.C. Andersen Festivals. The Chinese Embassy of Denmark, and more specifically the Ambassador, Mr. Liu Biwei, the Culture Councilor, Mr. Liu Dong, and the Office Director of Chinese Culture, Mr. Zhang Li, have joined and supported the events and the talents.




“It is a really nice experience to have the Chinese Young Talents as one part of the Festivals,” said Birgit Christiansen, International Program Coordinator of the H.C. Andersen Festivals. “We really appreciate that Uniko and Tourboks have arranged such a nice and comprehensive program for us,” she added.


The Chinese educational authority from Beijing and Shanghai and teacher representatives also participated in the conference Hans Christian Andersen’s Values in Modern Education hosted by Hans Christian Andersen Centre, University of Southern Denmark during the visit.




“In order to let the students experience the real Danish lifestyle, we arranged homestay with Danish families for most of the young talents. We believe it is not only beneficial for the Chinese youth but the local youth as well. We hope we can build a bridge linking the two cultures, the families and the youth,” said Uni Cui, CEO of Uniko ApS. “Life-long friendships start from here,” she added.


“We shall do this more often! There are a lot to learn both for the youth and the two educational systems,” said Mr. Tao Xiping. “We appreciate the organizers to arrange everything so well for such a big group. We hope to come again next year!” he added.




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About Uniko Holding:

Uniko Holding is a Danish company established in 2009 and today it is comprised of 3 different companies: Uniko ApS, an established inbound tour operator servicing Asian outbounds throughout the Nordics, Tourboks.com ApS, an online portal providing tourist attraction activities to the Asian market and Uniko Real Estate ApS, a Real Estate company, owning an office building in Copenhagen.